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About Us

About Us

Ninjaka is a passionate entertainment app developing start up. We believe that app should be light, simple and easy to use and at the same time creating the much needed stress relief to your daily fatigue.
Our first app is a manga reader app for those who too busy to follow their favorite manga updates.
Visit us at: to have a experience at it.

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Manga Up (discontinued)

Manga Up is currently an android app that help readers keep track of updates from their favorite manga list.

The app design is primarily focus on basic feature that is simple for user to use and light enough to be able to run smooth on any phone and OS.

There are only 3 screen in the app

Home Screen - featuring list of all available manga and user selected manga

 Manga Screen - Details of the manga (Storyline, latest update, chapter list, cover image, ...)

Chapter Screen - Reading screen of all pages from the manga's chapter 

And that is the current development of Ninkaja Manga App. We will make more improvement in the near future, stay tune with us for more updates.
App Link:
Checkout our downloads page: for the latest version

Pixel Graphics Project

Update 1: Add unsorted images: Unsorted images added Devlop on

This project is to share pixel graphics made by NINKAJA to everyone who would like to use them to create, e.g, games, animations for free or commercial. Since the assets are distributed under License: CC BY 4.0, the requirements are the assets cannot be distributed with any other restrictions other than appropriate Attribution.
This project can be found on github, gitlab or ninkaja page